Biosoftworld support is a service available to all clients. Our support team consists of professionals well trained in problems deriving from medical office or clinic work flow. We are aware of the emergency nature of medical environment and we try to respond adequately. Support is available to all our customers via the following options:


Please note that we do not offer phone technical support.


E-mail options.

support When you contact us via e-mail for problems concerning our software products please provide the following :

  • Order Number
  • Versions of operating system and other software like Ms Office that you use to run our program .
  • Specific questions.
Contact us via our web site page

Remote control.

support Using remote control software we offer quick, on-the-spot solutions. We prefer TeamViewer a highly secure remote maintenance solution.


Using support menu at the main page you can find Frequntly Asked Questions concerning our products as well as medical informatics articles.


Support Guidelines.

Please feel free to contact our support center with questions regarding our products. There is no charge for this (except from cases requiring customization) as long as:

  • You are not using our product illegally.
  • The problem is related with our software.
  • The problem is not related to third party software offered from our pages.
  • You are able to provide a valid order number.
  • Your usage of our product is within our terms of service agreement.

Support for Non-Customers.

We do not usually provide technical support regarding our software to unregistered users. However, doctors or hospitals from poor countries and young doctors are excluded from this rule. In this case, please contact us and we will try to help you or provide you with software for your needs without any cost.


Third Party Software.

We will not provide technical support for Third Party Software published on our site.