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Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler

Our products are desktop applications developed with latest .NET Framework technology. Desktop application is an application that runs stand alone in a desktop or laptop computer or networks. Contrast with "Web-based application," which requires the a Web browser to run. However you can have the benefits of web-style access because our products can run from cloud using a virtual desktop. You can perform all of your tasks from any computer with internet connection. We also provide PACS-DICOM viewers with full volume rendering techniques.

We offer free 24/7/365 support by email or remote desktop control software. We also offer database maintenance for free if needed. There is not any hidden cost! You will pay only once!

All our products can be used only with the basic configuration of a 32 & 64 bit Windows PC or Intel based MAC.

Windows 10 ready!
For Intel based Apple - Mac computers check first Parallels or VMware Fusion.



Our medical practice downloadable products:

Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler.

An all-in-one sophisticated Electronic Medical Records - Medical Appointment Scheduling - Medical Billing software package created with the latest .NET Framework technology. Greatly improves medical practice management and patient appointment scheduling for physicians. Scheduler, it allows creation of the new 02/12 version of the CMS 1500 claim form. The best value for money solution in medical market today with a lifetime license! Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler can run from cloud using a virtual desktop. SQL Server is supported.
Multilingual reports support. Localize (translate) your reports in any language via application interface!
Transfer the database file in a flash disk, work anywhere and you will have the power that comes with portability.




Biosoftworld ICD-10 Analyzer

A special ICD-10 and ICD-9 software tool designed to prepare healthcare personnel for the upcoming shift to the new ICD-10 coding system. Includes all ICD-10 2015 (CM and PCS) diagnosis codes plus ICD-9 2012 (CM and PCS) diagnosis codes to their highest specificity. Out tool also map codes from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and vise versa.



Medical Database Seven and Medical Office One are being retired and replaced from our flagship product Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler which means customers will no longer be able to buy them. Software will continue to work as normal and supported until further notice. Current customers can migrate to our flagship Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler without any cost. Please contact us for details.



Why our software packages are so inexpensive...

Most medical practices are now using medical office software in order to improve efficiency and accuracy. Moreover with HIPAA requirements in today's medical business environment, a medical office solution is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

But what is medical office software? In general most practices need medical billing - coding software, medical scheduling software, SOAP note software and finally electronic medical records.

Medical Office software prices vary considerably, depending on various features and level of support and available training. However in general the prices are sky-high with hidden costs in some cases and thus not affordable for small practices. Moreover instead of simplifying medical office tasks, they complicate them with large learning curves. The time required to enter billing, patient accounting and treatment notes necessitates dedicate (expensive) stuff, the data entry is very complicated and slower than paper based. Finally the need of IT support in order to run effectively is OBVIOUS IN MOST CASES .

The main reasons that medical software is so expensive are:

  • Large investments in time and software planning.
  • Expensive development tools.
  • Outdate development techniques for medical environment.
  • Expensive software requirements (like SQL Server or Oracle).
  • Support availability and training.
  • Small number of potential customers.
  • Numerous competitors.
  • Vendors silently targeting ONLY large practices.

Is there any way to less expensive but efficient medical software packages?

The answer is the combination of rapid application development (RAD) with C# programming language and reliable free redistributable runtimes of database systems like SQL Server Express 2005-2008 and Microsoft Access. Another crucial parameter is the remove of unnecessary functions and procedures that complicated the user interface without reason as far as medium practices are concerned.

  1. RAD refers to a type of software development which uses minimal planning with prototyping techniques and data driven information engineering. The lack of extensive pre-planning allowed software to be written much faster with reduced development cost.
  2. With royalty free redistributable runtimes vendors can produce complete preconfigured ready for use applications without any additional costs for the end users.

Also In order to keep the products price so low we do not offer direct phone support lines but free 24/7/365 support by email or remote desktop control software. We also offer database maintenance for free if needed. There is not any hidden cost! You will pay only once!
Keep in mind that our products have by far the most competitive prices in medical software market today.

In fact the whole concept can greatly reduce the cost for the end user, offers a robust affordable solution for medical office. The software engineering abilities of programmers and common sense can also simplified enough the user interface making the learning curve shorter. Our efforts at Biosoftworld Medical Software are to make medical software as easy as taking the software right out of the box and installing it.