You are going to increasingly come across Medical Appointment Scheduling Software packages. The most important aspect is the available feature set.

Avoid vendors who does not offer free trials!

You should ensure it has integrated appointment scheduler (calendar), registration, EMR, billing and reports. What you want is a scheduling software package that is built ground up with a single integrated database. Check how security is implemented within the system and its ability to scale. In addition check built-in mechanisms for data backups against potential data loss. Patient electronic scheduling is an important part of the efficient handling of patients. Schedules can be lost, especially if they cover time frames of patient bookings involving several months or more. A system of secure communication with email reminders is a desirable feature. A feature like this is well worth checking out.

Modern capabilities like draging appointments from slot to slot, color coding, timelines and waiting lists are a must.

Additionally, you should check the customer service of the medical appointment scheduling software vendor and their training material. Some vendors charge for their training material while some other have offer support for free. Customer service is usually not free but look for free email support. During evaluation step, test responsiveness of support team by sending a test request. Ask about their technology. Most medical appointment scheduling software packages are likely to be hosted on a server and you access it over the internet with a limited user interface. You should decide if this is appropriate for you! Probably for small medical practices a local client server application is more suitable but It is important to download a copy of the software and test it out.

Biosoftworld Medical Scheduler is an example of a very affordable medical appointment scheduling software package covering all functions in a medical practice including scheduling, registration, EMR, billing and reporting with a free fully functional trial available.